Pre-orders - September 2020 

Some orders may have our newest yarn base “4PLAY”  in their orders because we had to switch yarn suppliers. You will LOVE the newest base. We will continue to offer our regular bases, once shipment/delays are not an issue.

Here is what will be slightly different: 

1.     We have about 50 skeins of The Squish! Aran (181 yards, 3ply) and 60 skeins in Simple Sock (400 yards, 2ply) already in our inventory ready to be dyed. 

2.     I will have a few colors ready-to-ship in The Squish! Aran (the ones we dyed for pictures). Ready-to-ship items will NOT have a green pre-order ribbon, once the inventory is depleted, a pre-order ribbon will appear. 

3.    Once our in-house inventory is gone, you will be able to purchase more yarn, however, those skeins will be our newest yarn base 4-Play (haha, you like that name don’t you). 

·      4-PLAY – Fingering Weight: 100% SW Merino, 437 yards, 4ply

·      4-PLAY – DK Weight: 100% SW Merino, 218 yards, 4ply

·      4-PLAY- Aran Weight: 100% SW Merino, 181 yards, 4ply 

EXAMPLE: If you purchase 5 simple sock skeins, depending on what’s in my inventory at that time, you may receive 4 Simple Sock skeins and one 4-PLAY fingering. 

4. If you would prefer 4PLAY instead of Simple Sock or the The Squish! Aran,  please put your request in the comment section at checkout. Orders on Simple Sock and The Squish! will be completed first because we have those products in house. 

5. Pre-order processing time is approx.. 2-3 weeks. We plan to try to get everyone’s skeins out as soon as possible though! 

That’s it! Please bear with me, as this is my first pre-order/dyed-to-order shop update. I am sure there will be a few mistakes, but I will try my best to make the process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! 

- Frances

LeFrances Handmade Crafts & Fibre Art